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house at clover

architecture and interior design

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This project is the home of a close friend, a complete tear down and rebuild. al+ was engaged to design both the Architecture and Interiors. 


Transparency - As terraced houses are deep and narrow, it was a challenge to create that through view and end-to-end experience but the vision was finally realized through the planning of spaces. Through this, it created opportunities for the following features


Daylight  -  The size of the courtyard had to be balanced, not too big so that we lose functional space, and not too small where the effects were diminished.


Climate - the courtyard also helped to channel out heat upwards, so that air can be drawn in from both the front and back. It was important that the house can be used without air conditioning all the time even during the hot afternoons. With ceiling fans and cross ventilation , it was possible to bring breezes through the spaces. 


Materials - The palette of materials used were simple. Dark grey finishes and timber. This applies to both the exterior and interior. Textured and natural materials like natural teak grains, coarse veined stone, rough cement finishes were selected for a more informal quality to make the owners feel more at ease to inhabit the space. 

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