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interior design

This condominium apartment is in a mature estate overlooking the east coast with beautiful vantages to the sea. The previous interiors were gutted out completely and replaced with new finishes, fittings, wares and appliances. Interior walls were reconfigured to fit the needs of the family of four, who wanted a simple luxurious theme which was functional at the same time. 

15 Apr 2020

Testimonial from our client 

During this time when many of us spend a lot of our time at home due to Covid-19, it is truly heartening to receive a testimonial from our client of the waterside project completed last year.  Her message: 

"Hey! How have you been? Was just thinking about you and feeling thankful for the nice house that we can stay-at-home in. Hope you have been well and thanks for beautiful and comfortable house again!"     



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