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chestnut house

architecture and interior design

Situated in a peaceful landed residential area in central western Singapore, near Bukit Timah hill, the site had potential unblocked views towards the South from where it was situated. The original 2 storey with attic was torn down and rebuilt into a 3 storey with attic, where the top of the house was an open terrace which had beautiful views of the distant hills. 


interior design

This condominium apartment is in a mature estate overlooking the east coast with beautiful vantages to the sea. The previous interiors were gutted out completely and replaced with new finishes, fittings, wares and appliances. Interior walls were reconfigured to fit the needs of the family of four, who wanted a simple luxurious theme which was functional at the same time. 

clover way

architecture and interior design

This project is the home of a close friend, a complete tear down and rebuild. al+ was engaged to design both the Architecture and Interiors.

mixed-use office

interior design

This modern office building is the new headquarters of ZhengHeng in China. The podium houses mixed-use functions of hotel entrance, commercial office lobbies and a retail core. Cultural influences were mixed with timeless finishes in the design of this Grade-A lobby, which was designed with a concept of hospitality to give the tenants and occupants of the building  a warm welcome to the building.

seed bank at SBG


The Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank, is housed in one of the largest of the five colonial-style houses within the former Raffles College at Cluny Road. It is an important conserved building in Singapore's first UNESCO's heritage site. 

Opened on 13 July 2019, the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank is a conservation, research and education facility in the Singapore Botanic Gardens that focuses on conserving plant species by preserving the seeds and germplasm of plants in Southeast Asia. The Seed Bank has an interpretive gallery that introduces the Seed Bank and explains its importance to plant conservation and research in Singapore and the region, as well as a seed dispersal garden with seed sculptures showing the different seed dispersal mechanisms.

Annotation 2020-04-27 180339.jpg

AL+ are proud to share that the Seedbank at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is awarded the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2020 under the category of Sustainable Design. This prestigious conservation project was completed mid-2019, and is designed and built by Alfa Tech, for which we are the appointed Architect.

penthouse @ metropolitan

interior design

The unit had a commanding view of the central zone of singapore at over 40 storeys in elevation. In replacing the original interior scheme, the new scheme took on a contemporary take with some cultural influences from the middle east, using screen patterns, light pendants and other detailing inserts.

house at palm grove

architecture and interior design

This refurbishment project retained most of the existing building, a light touch additions and alterations construction which gutted out all existing finishes to be replaced with new ones. Most of the existing structure was retained. The rear of the building was extended to include a room with an en-suite toilet, to serve the needs of a multigenerational family.

Fengshui requirements were discretely incorporated to blend with the design, which strove for functional simplicity.

Project List


- Landed Terrace at Clover Way, Singapore

- Botanic Gardens Seed Bank, Singapore

- Landed Terrace at Chestnut Terrace, Singapore

- Landed Terrace at Palm Grove, Singapore

- Industrial A&A at Woodlands Loop, Singapore

- Dance studio at Cathay Cineleisure, Singapore

- 137 Cecil St, Singapore

- mixed-use office tower at Peck Seah St, Singapore

- Vegetable growing module at Nassim Rd, Singapore

- Agritech Lab at Science Park, Singapore

Interior Design

- Commercial, Sheraton Fourpoints, Singapore

- Semi-Detached at Frankel Avenue, Singapore

- Apartment at waterside, Singapore

- Penthouse at Metropolitan, Singapore

- Apartment at Grange Residences, Singapore

- Mixed-use Commercial Design for Zenith, Xi'an, China

- Zenith Commercial Bookstore, Xi'an, China

- Commercial, Southpoint building, Singapore

- Condominium, Sky Vue, Singapore

- Semi-Detached at Sunrise Terrace


- PPVC modular system design, BCA certified

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